Wednesday, 30 June 2010

This just in!

Just quickly wanted to tell you all that i am ok!

Lol, I actually fell quite hard when I was walking up the stairs today at work. Didn't know that was possible =P
I really hurt my knee, and it got all bruised and swollen. Lovely.
For you who might not know, I actually like a little bit of pain so it's all good.... =/ I know weird....

Well well that's how it is.

Over and out


Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I am so annoyed and irritated right now. It can just happen in an instant, and then it just goes from bad to worse. Something can happen (as it did now) that I don't like and I just turn against everyone and everything
Hate when this happens, and I can't help it...

Stay away if you know whats best for you!

Good night London!

I am off to bed, to tired to right any longer stuff.

Talk tomorrow, or the day after that.

Over and out


Sunday, 27 June 2010

So right now I am just waiting for better times lol (as we say in Sweden).
Gonna go in a bit, so thought I would watch some YouTube shows again. Now it's about a beauty contest called Miss undressed, as they are all completely nude. Never heard about t before and it been running since -91 apparently. Haha maybe no wonder I have not heard of it after all.
It's just a bit entertaining.

See ya latha, gonna head out now.

P.s It is really so f*cking hot D.s

Katie: My beautiful face

I am right now watching a reality show on YouTube about a girl who got attacked with acid on her face in London 2008.
Her life was on top and had a bright future with model and TV jobs in her hands.
What I really like about this show and her is that she is still very happy, and even makes jokes about he accident. Like she's not embarrassed of it all, even with the cameras and strangers around.

At the same time it gets me very scared. Even tho the accident was planned by her ex boyfriend and performed a stranger, I cant stop thinking it can easily be a crazy man doing it just to anyone. Like me! I would feel that my life would be over, even tho I'm not making a living out of my face and looks, I don't know how I would make it through.

"I did have these terrible attacks, yeah I do look totally different physically. But I wanna be the woman that got through that, and is now living. Not the woman 'ow she was attacked, it's terrible, don't mention it, and she can't do that anymore ans she doesn't go there'.

I wanna get rid of that and just be Katie!"

Thank you for listening
Good day! (as it is midday already)
Tried to sleep and get a long rest this morning, but somehow I woke up at 8am, and just fell back and forth to sleep.
Took a shower and had a nice face mask made of mudd. Love it. Gets so fresh and smooth like a baby's bottom lol.
I use this one from Boots

Gonna get ready soon and head to work at 6pm, but gonna try and find a dress before.
Talk latha


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Work hard, play less =P

I am totally exhausted. I finished at 6pm today and maybe got home at about 7.30pm. Since then I have not moved from my bed. I've eaten some chocolate and Doritos and yogurt and I am so stuffed now.
It was really exhausting today, and I didn't like it at all. Felt really uncomfortable and weird being there on a Saturday. Plus I was tired from finishing late last night. So no, no more weekend work! Well apart from tomorrow when I will do 6-11pm. Prep for sale =( wow I can't wait for sale lol. Luckily I am only working 4 days this week, as the girl I was covering for today is doing my Friday =) Good luck with that =P

Right now I am really melting. It is so hot!! My window is wide open, and I am wearing nothing.... lol or am I?
I should really get to bed shouldn't I? and be well rested for tomorrow.

What to do tomorrow?
Maybe buy a new dress for work, it's needed.

Over and out

P.s Thought I would test a new type color. Whatcha think? D.s

Love it!

At work
Me: "Do you wear helmet when rollerskating?"
Colleague: "Hell to-the-f*cking-no!"


Thursday, 24 June 2010

My feelings scares me. I don't want to feel what I am feeling, and trying to hold them back so hard just to protect myself. I've had my heart broken so many times I am to tired picking up the pieces.

Is this what Love is about? Holding back?

"I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me"

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Good night London!

Good evening! Good night? I don't know.
I just got home a little while ago tho, and I am not really tired or exhausted, just very hot and smelly lol.
Gonna take a shower in the morning, when I'm rather be fresh for the day then sleep on it lol.

Ow yeah from this Monday this week, I am going to work 11 days straight. I am covering for someone on Saturday, and cause of the sale coming up I am doing a couple of extra hours on Sunday. But next Friday I am off, so getting a long weekend =) and my sister were supposed to have come, but she can't as she has to work herself =(

What else? Not much...

Over and out

P.s The people at work makes it wort coming in! Thank you! D.s
Good morning peeps! Slept alright?
I could have slept better. I woke up at about 5.30am (for some reason =P) and could not get back to sleep properly. Then when I had to get up I was proper tired, any way. I'm fine now, just eating some breakfast and trying to find something to watch. I hate when you eat and don't watch something lol. If you are alone that is.

Then I have to get ready for work, yeay I can't wait lol.
It's getting really busy now with the sale coming up next week, and it's to fricking hot. I don't mind hot weather, but not when you have to be inside and work.

Talk latha


Good morning London

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Good night London!

Omg I'm so f-ing tired.
So why aren't I going to bed?
It get me....

Ok, good night people!

What is up?

...well my heart rate for one! lol.
Just been out running, and with this weather its making it quite hot. I feel so good doing this. If it would have been a while ago I would just been like "can't be bothered", and "I'll do it 2mrrw", or "I actually have this and that to do".
I used to do power walking before, you know, till I didn't lol. I get bored so easily, and honestly working out is not that fun. Specially if you're doing it alone, even if it can be nice with some 'quite' time with just you and your music.

So, whats cooking good looking?
I start late 2mrrw =( (I prefer to work early and then finish early) so can have a long night =) Even tho someone or something is telling me I should get to bed early... mhm...

Think I'm gonna hit the shower now, it's quite needed, and then make some lunch for 2mrrw, and maybe something for myself for now.
So a very exited evening is on the agenda.

Talk latha

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pls take your time and read through!

As you might by now know, animals are one of the most important things for me, and animal cruelty and in any way hurting an animal is something I can't handle. It's just something personal for me, and not all people can understand how I might feel, and some think it's crazy to be so devoted and be willing to risk your own life for an animal. I don't!

I pretty much grew up with animals. My relatives back in Sweden has a farm where we would spend all summers and where I would help out. There were cows, dogs, horses, cats, chickens, sheep's you name it... I've seen what animals can do to you. For you!
It is a known fact (well maybe not known to everyone) that having a pet around you will make your life if not longer but happier and maybe even more healthy. I know a dog is a great company for the elderly.

Back in the farm I used to say that I had a cow, my own cow, that I picked out as a baby and watched grow. When she died I was so upset and sad. I was angry, and didn't want to eat any beef for a long time. I have her picture framed above my bed. I do realise and understand that this sounds a bit weird and crazy. I mean sob for a cow? you might think.
But it's more about the connection you get with someone. Something or someone that used to be there, isn't anymore. Your day and routine changes.

Me and my siblings also had a cat that was run over, my dog that passed away now almost 2 years ago, that I still have problems dealing with. Now I have 2 goldfishes. Animals comes and goes, just like humans, and you have to learn and deal with the constant changes that might happen in your life.

I believe in respecting others and not make judgment, as we all have our different reasons for our choices and we can never know what's really going on when you are not watching.

What I don't respect is cruelty to both animals and humans, but mostly animals as that is what I am talking about.

I have no sympathy what-so-ever to people who are involved with for ex. bullfighting and rodeo. They know what they are doing. They know it can be (or is) dangerous, so when they get hurt, or even dies, from the animal they triggered to actually make that action, I don't feel any for the people. Why should I? Give me one good reason, that i can't argue with!

I can just go on and on about this, but it's you that's going to read it all (hopefully) so I'm gonna wrap it up.

I was watching some clips on YouTube about this s.k sport and I could not bare to look, it is to painful, but what crossed my mind that's even more painful, is that I am sitting here having all of these thoughts and feelings and I don't know how I can help. Where to start.
My goal would be simple; just to ban all animal cruelty in all its way. I know that is never going to happen, but if everyone just gives this a little more thought, we can go a long way.

The only thing that really scares me in this world, is the human being.

This post has taken me 1h to write, thank you for listening.

Sunday morning

Good morning fellow citizens!
Just got home from my run =) Today was a bit exhausting, don't know why... I am just generally out of shape lol.
I actually just sitting by my bed thinking if I should get a shower now or not.. I am waiting for a response about the wedding. You know, I need my time to get ready and I don't have all the supplies a girl needs to get flawless lol. It's all a bit complicated with me. If we're not going, I don't have to wash my hair right now, since I think we are going out tonight and I prefer to do it just when I am about to head out.... haha this doesn't make any sense to you now does it?
Any way, that's how it is now.

I also have to take my friend to the hospital, nothing serious, just moral support.

Now over to something more important that's close to my heart and soul... Stay tuned for the next post...

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Just a normal Saturday

So... whats up?
As I said last night I went up at 8am this morning and went for a run for an hour. Then had a quick breakfast and then headed to Nina for a.... well not for a good bye, but a 'see you later'. She's moving home to Sweden tomorrow =( Have not realised or thought about till now...

We moved to London to gether.
We survived our first time her to gether.
We did some pretty awesome things to gether.

And now what. Even tho we did not spend that much time or saw each other that often, you always knew that she was there. In at least the same country. Ok now I'm talking like she passed away lol.
I will see her again in August any way when I am going home for holiday =) 18 days ma friend!

Been studying today as well actually. Well done Rebecca! Thank you very much.

Been all cosy with Johanna now for a while.

Think I'm gonna call it a night and eat some nice yogurt and watch something hehe.
Tomorrow I think I will go to my previous managers wedding =)
Mhm... what to wear?

Over and out

Finally Friday (well actually it's Saturday now)

Just checking in quickly and making sure you are OK! I am, thanks for asking =P
Have to sleep now, as I'm up early tomorrow for a run. Haven't been out since Tuesday I think.

Well good night.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday night

Been feeling kind of active today, well some part of it anyway.
I mostly been at home, but I've done 2 washing machine (can you say that?), hung them outside to get a fresher and nicer smell to it.
I have been throwing out a lot from my wardrobe, shoes and clothes that I really don't need and never use. I know, it can be hard. I still have some stuff left. Been tidying my room a little bit. Then at about 7pm I went out for my walk/run to Holland Park, where I meet Nina and friend. So random. I had music on (Aguilera's Bionic) and saw this girl whistle at me, and it turned out to be Nina, nice =)
On my way home and stooped at Tesco and bought some food and sweets, and much needed water lol.
I cooked right away when I got home, made enough to make for 2 lunches (I always cook my lunch for work the day before).
I took out all the rubbish on my own as well, as there as no one to help =( well well I manage.

Now I'm in bed and feel a bit exhausted.
Just talked to my sister on Skype, thin it so amusing with the cam. She's gonna visit in the beginning of July =) and I am off (hopefully) that Friday, so it's gonna be a long weekend =)

Gonna watch some old OC now and eat my sweets

Over and out

P.s do you like my new (handmade) header? D.s

Sunday morning

Here are a few pics from yesterdays Nina's leaving picnic

Haha welcome!

How can you not gonna miss this?

I am so out of here

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Angel of death

In time for the Football World Cup I want to pay my respect to those who cannot be part of it, but has in the past.
I was very touched and moved when I saw these images of these football players who died while in the game.

You are watching these peoples last seconds in life.

This is dedicated to

  • Miklos Feher 20/07/1979 - 25/01/2004

  • Antonio Puerta 26/11/1984 - 28/08/2007

  • Marc-Viviene Foe 01/05/1975 - 26/06/2003

Migraine runs in my family

Gonna make this abit short, as I am to tired to write the full story and my keyboard is messing up.

This morning at 8am I went for a walk and running to Holland Park again (did it last weekend), and this time I had bought proper running shoes so I'm all set lol.
Takes about 20min to walk there and there I jog slowly 3 rounds which takes about 40min, and then 20min walk home, which equals 1h =)
I got home and got a shower (haha interesting) and had some breakfast. At 1pm I had to go to Nina's leaving party/picnic in Holland Park as she is leaving London :( Haven't really realised it. Had to go to the bank as well but it was to long of a que so skipped it. Do it on Monday.
The picnic was very nice with games but to much sweets lol.

Headed to Westfiled after that and I bought Aguilera's new album Bionic, which I just love! It's a cool/funky/funny sound, and a t-shirt from New look with a horse in. Not to sure about it tho.
Now I'm in bed writing to you and listening to ma sound. Have a headache tho.
Gonna start study soon as well.
Was thinking if I should go to the movies tonight and see Sex and the City, alone as all my friends seen it... or don't want to see it. Maybe it's to late for tonight.

Here is my favorite Bionic so far

Sunday, 6 June 2010

What's cooking good looking?
In bed getting ready to sleep, got very tired now. I am watching a Swedish show called Swedish housewife's in Hollywood. It's very entertainment =)

Last night me and Nikki went on a impulsive cinema visit. We saw Four Lions, which was a very funny comedy. We didn't get the story really, but we had a laugh. That will give us about 2h longer life lol.

To day I tried to find fish food, as mine almost is finished. Got so frustrated cause I looked like a mad one in the Internet, but couldn't find any pet shops, and on Sundays almost everything is closed. But me and Nikki went to Poundland, lol, where they actually had some.

We bought some sweets and sat in the park for a while, made a visit to a second hand shop and then bought some takeaway food, mm. Just watched a movie and then I headed out for a walk and a run to Holland Park, second day a row. Well done Rebecca! lol.
So now I'm gonna sleep.

Over and out

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Your subtitle here please!

Just got back from my day trip to the landlord, and apparently he might have a room for me in the next few weeks =) It's a studio flat which I really like. Felt so weird being back there again after so long. Nothing has changed haha.

Was so hot and humid today, wasn't even that sunny, just very hot.
On my way home I stooped by for some food and ice cream (which btw is finished now :/ ) and printed out my course work. My feet were killing me from being so hot and my shoes so tight. Who ever said Converse were comfortable can kiss my a**!

Just have to tell you what happened last night. I was in bed getting ready to fall asleep with my laptop on top of me, and I tried to get comfortable and all of a sudden, somehow, I get the screen corner right on my eye, with all its weight. I got so scared and thought my eye globe were gonna fall out. Hurt like hell. All I got tho was a scratch on the eyelid. Looks very pretty now lol. Of course I couldn't get like a cool black eye that would make it look I was in a fight or something, no it had to be a minor scratch.

Catch you guys latha

Weekend in a nutshell..

I woke up at about 7am this morning, and 8.10am I went out for a power walk and a run to Holland Park. Well done Rebecca!

I've showered and eaten y breakfast, and now I'm heading out. Gonna meet my previous landlord and talk about some stuff that at the moment is relevant.

My route
Have a lot I want to do this weekend;

Start my 3rd session of my course =), have to tidy and throw a lot of stuff that I don't use (clothes in particular), and I wanna go and see Sex and the city movie, maybe tonight.

Look around for some jobs, plus a new residence (long story I will tell eventually).

Been looking around some flights as well for my home trip I am gonna do end of July beginning of August. I really want o go home and I really need it. I have never been home for just a vacation or holiday. It's always been because something has happened back home. So even if i don't get my holiday request conformed by work, I am going anyway! That's it!

Talk latha

Flickan och kråkan (Swedish lullaby)