Sunday, 30 May 2010

One of the most beautiful and relaxing tunes I've heard


Sundays news

So I have finally done my 2nd test of my course. Feel so good that this one is over.
Don't know why it took so long time, well ok, I was a bit lazy this time around. Something I am definitely gonna learn to the next session. Just gonna wait for the result and then I am of to the next. Horses! :)

I've decided to move to Australia btw!
It's been in my minds for a while. Before London actually, but I wanted to start with something small and easy. But I feel now I've done London. I need sun, and fresh air and other people. I also think Australia has more to offer when it comes to my career, animals!
So gonna start to plan now, since it takes a while. Have to finish my life here first as I say, and then there's visa, I have to make some money first... well well, we'll get to that. Maybe just visit someone there first to see what the fuss is all about.

Gonna sleep now, really tired.

Over and out

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Taking a break

You know who?


This just in!

Good afternoon my fellow citizens.

It's a god thing I don't have to speak or talk these posts I am writing, as I have barely had any voice this week.
It started last week Friday, I felt a soar throat was coming up, and since I was out both Saturday and Sunday, it didn't really help.
Omg Monday I sounded like... I don't know.. someone at work said I sounded like Gollum. You know the little creature from Lord of the rings? Nice. At least I did or don't look like him.
You know I kind of enjoy having a little horsey voice (strange I know, but I am strange so no excuses there), sometimes it make you sound sexy you know. But this week was not that sometimes! It would have been fine if I wasn't at work. I really struggled. Since I preferably have to talk to people all day, I felt bad when I didn't.
I never really fell ill or had a sour throat, I just had no voice, but as soon the voice got better I started to feel a bit more ill, and now I have a minor cold with a stuffed nose and a bad cough...

Work colleagues

Any who...

Last night me and Nikki went to a impulsive midnight movie, and watched A nightmare on Elm st. Remember it from when I was young (or youngER lol) when my brother and sister used to watch it, but it was to scary for me at the time. Tho it was very scary while I was watching it and really jumped a few times (on woman screamed out loud once, and no it was not me nor Nikki). If it would have been a few years back, I would have been terrified also after the movie, but I have learned to control my fright. I am more relaxed now.

Now I did sleep in Nikki's bed, but that has nothing to do with it. I mean, we've planned that for a long time....... ;)

So, today I have just been in bed, but, I have been studying and I think, well I should, be finished with my next session and test this weekend (we'll see about that rebecca huh?).

Johanna has become ill now, she has the flue, and the good person and friend that I am, I have been buying her food and making some for her. Apparently it's very contagious, so we'll see how this will end for me. But as I said to her "I don't mind". lol.

Don't know what else there is to say... sure there is loads more, I just can't remember it all now. You know there is just so much going on in my life and so many people involved, is hard to keep up the track you know!


Over and out

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Late night attraction

We are heading out now, in this heat. Hate going out all dressed up when it still light outside. Well well, not much I can do about that now, now is it?

See ya all out there in the crowd.

Over and out

Ho ho ho... it hot outside!?
Me and Johanna been out in the sun for a couple of hours, and we both burned our backs a little bit, and my chest, oops. We are not really sunbathing in a smart way, as we want to get tanned right away.
Well, so now I have headache and I am so exhausted. I actually did a bit if studying while outside, and gonna continue now, was the plan. I feel like sleeping tho...

Tonight we are heading out (as always?). First we are gonna take some predrinks with Johanna's cousin who's visiting.

A short posting for now.

Well talk latha

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Wow, all I gave you Sunday was a Good morning? Mhm... didn't write the whole day.
Well I was of to meet my cousin from Sweden who was here very quickly, and her 2 friends.
We grabbed a nice bite at a Mexican place in Notting Hill, got so stuffed and then headed down Portobello where I did not found anything, but they bought some paintings.
It started to piss down (rain lol) so we called it a day and I headed home.

Planned on having a nice early night in, but Johanna convinced me on going out to Boujis. Can never really say no to that place, especially when I start late the day after.
But It was such a fun night. It was me, Johanna, Karolina and Elin, and of course Hamid.
I danced my pants of haha. Well at least Johanna pulled them of lol.. had a few drinks as well.
I love having a laugh in the cab on our way home. We always almost scream and shout nonsense at each other, love it!

Well it's already Tuesday and I hope this week goes as quick as the last one.

Me and Johanna just watched a movie, "Music and lyrics", it's very funny actually, but I got very tired now so think I'm gonna hit the bed. Start late tomorrow so will get a little lay in =)

Might come back later tonight


P.s a very nice lullaby

This tune was dedicated to a girl who was murdered in my neighborhood in Sweden.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Work (that's all I do)

Omg, Love this one!

Forgot to tell you all about what happened cpl of weeks ago at work.
I achieved a big sale through a bra fitting I did, that we are providing.

Have a look. This is hanging in the staffroom so everyone can see lol.

Omg can you believe the "prize" i got? I am so flattered.

An hour earlier? Have to really think this one through...

I wish heaven had a phone, so I could hear your voice again.
I thought of you today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too.
I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and a picture in a frame

Just cleaned the tank and done my eyebrows, which was an emergency lol, and now I'm gonna jump in the shower and get ready to meet Johanna for lunch. Don't think I have time for the hairdresser today tho =(

Last night btw I spend with an other Swedish friend here, Nina who I came to London with.
We were supposed to go and rent a movie, and when we got there we needed some sort of proof of address and that sh*t, so we went back home (which is just like 10 min), and back again with an old bill she had, but of course it was to old to be accepted, and she did not have anything else. We were so annoyed and angry that he could not have told us, tho I could control my anger lol. So we went to Westfield instead and bought a movie. It was Grudge 2, original. To me that is one of the scariest movies I know, same as The Ring. There's something about Japanese people and their movies lol.
Well well, I left her house at 00.30am, and was so tired and just got straight to bed.

A noon post

I was actually up early this morning. Well I woke up 5.30am cause some idiot (like always) is shouting outside. Had my alarm on 8.30am since I don't want to sleep for to long.
Have a lot I want to do this weekend, and since Johanna is working all weekend and Nikki's got her mum here, I have to do it all alone. Well well I can mange.

          • I need a haircut. My hair is not to bad but it was about 4 months since the last time i had one, and I am trying to maintain it and get regularly haircuts.

          Don't know yet what to do for colors tho. Either do blond highlights since it will be easier now I don't have any colors in my hair, do it really dark brown which will really bring out my blue eyes more, or just leave as it is. Love the idea that it's untouched and natural. Eventually I want in a really nice dark red color, like burgundy.

          Which one!

          It's a bit lighter then this that I have now

          Really dunno... well it will come I guess. Now for the summer guess it will be a bit bleached by the sun. (what sun?)

          • I'm also in a need of a back and neck massage. As hard as I work no wonders lol.

          • Need to continue my studies and finish my next session and test.

          • Also catch up with my project that's been laying on the side for a while.

          • Clean the fish tank, the poor bastards.

          To day I'm also gonna fit in a lunch with Johanna =)

          Talk latha


          Good morning London

          Wednesday, 12 May 2010

          Good night London!

          It's a new day..

          Mhm, have not been writing since Saturday night. Bad of me, but have been sooo tired this week. Since I did not get a lot of sleep this weekend.

          To make a long (and stupid) story short, we went out both Saturday and Sunday nights. From Saturdays trouble I got home Sunday at 2pm, rested for couple hours and then headed out again, and got home at 4am. The Black eyed peas were present btw! lol.
          Some stuff happened that I don't want to get in to tho... involving stupid people..

          I am now in bed thinking about taking a shower and then sleep, but I am to tired to, but I don't start until 1pm so will have a little lay in =)

          Saturday, 8 May 2010

          At of this moment...

          Just had a shower and sitting right now with a face mask.
          I am ready to hit the town!

          (Well almost).

          I'm thirsty!

          I am trying to find a nice bar/pub in Mayfair for some pre drinks tonight with a friend.

          Any ideas?

          Omg, my day is like so booked, lol

          I been awake for a while now, cause someone's been keep calling and texting me...
          Well might as well, nice to wake up early. As long its not of the alarm and you have to get up.

          What to do today?
          I want to buy sunglasses I've been seeing in Westfield, have to clean out my fish tank, try (not will, just gonna try) to finish of my 2nd test of my studies, and hopefully we are going out tonight.
          But before then I have to get something to eat cause I'm starving.
          Talk latha

          Good morning London

          Good night London!


          Friday, 7 May 2010

          Favorite relax songs

          Aerosmith - Hole in my soul

          Guns and roses - Sweet child of mine

          (Just love the guitar solo)

          Aerosmith - Cryin'

          Aerosmith - Amazing

          Aerosmith fan? -No, why?

          Over and out


          Wednesday, 5 May 2010

          My top favortie dogs based on what ever

          First of course is my dog. He was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
          No one can ever take his place. Every time I see this dog my heart stops.

          Rottweiler. I just think they are so beautiful with its shiny black and brown fur. Prefer as well when they have a long tale.

          When my family decided to get a dog, we almost got this one, a Boxer. Maybe that's why I got so attached to them now, but think they are so beautiful as well. I have a thing for big dogs.

          This Golden Retriever has always been my favorite. It was this dog I wanted when I was younger. Maybe because of the movie I was so obsessed with. You know the one with a retriever, a white boxer and a cat making it through the country side and the city to get to their family...? lol, any way.

          Tuesday, 4 May 2010

          I don't know...

          I don't know what to say.

          I don't know what I feel.

          I just don't know...

          Sunday, 2 May 2010

          The Sunday news

          Just got home from dinner at Tinseltown with the girls from work. Was a birthday dinner x2, for me and a girl from work.

          They have amazing milkshakes there. I am so stuffed and full right now. Had a big Hawaiian burger as well.
          When we were finished and everything was pretty much done, they had an announcement at their tv screens saying there was someones birthday, and all of a sudden they are coming with 2 big ice creme dessert things and a Oscar statuette!! I was so blown away and surprised. Thought they were for someone else.
          Thank you for a amazing night!

          To day I got up at about noon and had a fast breakfast and headed for Argos to buy a lamp for the fishes who hasn't seen proper lighting, poor bastards. I even cleaned the tack today, that was something. Felt so sorry for them when they had to be in a saucepan whilst the water was getting ready. But it's fresh and clean now and they can see =)
          I've even put the red roses I got from the Tesco people for my birthday on my nightstand, so it looks pretty now.

          Right now I am so tired and really wanna sleep, but that only means I eventually have to get up and go to work, but I don't start until 12 tomorrow so have a little lay in =)

          Don't think there is anything more to say... the fishes are playing in the tank btw, and moving around the stones, maybe they don't like my decoration, mhm.

          Over and out
          "If I want to wear lingerie outside of my clothes
          If I want to be erotic in my own videos
          If I want to be provocative, well that ain't a sin
          Maybe you're not comfortable in your own skin"
          - One of my favorite quotes of all time!

          Still Dirrty - Christina Aguilera

          Saturday, 1 May 2010

          Late saturdays news

          Just chilling in my bed and browsing the net. Got so tired now, but I am so up for tonight when me and Nikki are hitting the town.
          Me, Johanna and Nikki spend a long time in Westfield and all I got was some beauty products, boring. My stiff I wanted was not there anymore =(

          We bought some Tahi food on the way home. Was not the best I had I have to say, well well now I know for next time.

          I am right now listening to some chipmunks songs. Love them, they are so cuute.

          OMG this is the funniest I've ever heard specially in the beginning.
          You can barely hear what they are saying but still....

          An other good one

          These are the few of my favorite things

          Morning folks!
          Started my day by turing on the computer. Love laying early in the morning and just browsing around and you don't have anywere to go, like work...

          But still have plans. Gonna hit the Westfield with no more less then Johanna. Wanna buy some outfits and shoes for the weekend as I am going out with Nikki tonight and tomorrow with all the other girls. You know, to celebrate myself lol, and of course cause it's bank holiday.

          Just saw the time and it's not as early as I thought, but I woke up at 9am.
          Gonna eat some breakfast now, since Johanna has been banging on my door and screaming my name to come with her, lol. I am really hungry...

          Btw, it's a shame I can't upload Aguilera's new video Not myself tonight, as it's really good and raw and fresh, love that! But you can always check out the link I posted.


          Talk latha

          Check out this great MSN Video: Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight

          Check out this great MSN Video: Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight