Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Worst work day ever... of them any way.
Bad customer experience is what it's all about.
Not gonna go i to details, but it got so bad I actually had to leave the scene, where one of my managers had to take over, and calm myself in the staffroom. Never been so upset at work before.

I tried to explain one of our policies in the fitting room, that got misunderstood (or what ever), ans this woman got mad about it, cause I let someone else get away with that specific policy. She started calling me a Bitch and stupid, and there's where I lost it. Told my manager "This girl is very rude and I don't want to be here right now".
I mean I was there alone, had this woman argue at me and I was trying to defend myself and the stuff someone else taught me, at the same time I had a long que with people watching.

Of course my pi**ed of day doesn't stop there.
We were supposed to have a very important visitor from some director people.
They are one of the worst people I know, at least one of them.
I am trying to do my best to be polite and greet them, don't get much back.
One of them has the nerve to comment to our store manger about my cardigan I am wearing.
Something about it looked something for gardening. This I noticed anyway cause she's not that discrete and obvious she was talking about me for a min there. While I am serving your customer you a**hole!
So, f*ck you M.!

It was so freezing today I at one point could not feel my toes. I am not kidding. It's like they've fell asleep.
So either, fix the god damn heater, close the door or give us a better cardigan you stupid cow.
At that time I just started laughing about it, but now it feels heavier, and I feel like crying.

I am so mad and fed up right now I don't know whats inside and out.

How can I ever fall asleep being so upset. I can't help it.
One god thing is though, that tomorrow is my last day till next Thursday. Have Friday till Wednesday off =)

Monday, 29 March 2010

A not so normal Monday

Been home today actually, I called in sick as I had a bit of a "headache and felt a bit bad", lol.
But I have never called in sick one single day of my 1 year and 4 months working there. Mainly cause I never needed to, and I have a big conscience, so would feel so bad if I did.

Think i slept till 1pm. Didn't do much, spend some time with Johanna, ate breakfast.
Then I actually headed to the hospital. But don't worry, it wasn't for me, lol. My friend needed to go for a reason and she needed company. We waited 2h for some painkillers! Well well, at least I came out and got some fresh air. You know, for my headache =P

Meat up with Johanna and bought some food from Chop Chop, fried noddles and vegetables, mm loves it.

Now I'm sitting here watching some Swedish programs on the web, preparing for a boring day at work. tarting late so can sleep long. A good hing with this week is that I only will work for 3 days, since I was "sick" to day and I am off on Friday till next Wednesday, cause my parents are coming over for Easter =))
Happy happy.

Talk latha.

(Will talk about last night at Boujis to).

Over and out

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Getting ready and heading out

The latest

Been taking a break from all the studying I am doing hehe.
Grabbed myself a snack made of avocado, tomato and feta cheese salad, as well a yogurt. Mm love it.
Watching some stuff on youtbe.

Right now I'm talking to Johanna on the phone

Right now...

..I am reading and trying to learn how to care for a cat, which is my first session.
I find it quite interesting, and maybe cause it's me but it is quite easy and most makes sense for me.
But maybe I shouldn't speak to quickly though, lol.

Rihanna feat. Jeezy - Hard

Listen to this

Good night Londoners!

Today me and Johanna went for a round to Westfield, where she bought some leggings, hair accessoar, a jacket and some beauty products.
I were not suppose to buy anything but walked out with a pair of new black tights (for work), and a hair clip. Then we bought some food and lots if cleaning supplies, so now we have a fresh household, especially after i been cleaning the bathroom very neat and tidy. It smells and feel so fresh now.
My cleaning week and work here is done, lol.

I've been studying as well, gonna try to do my first test tomorrow. Good thing it's a online course and I can do it when it suits me :)

I've decided now to, I am going to sign up for a dance course. Street dance commercial o 10 weeks. I am so exited, I found a very good website and school (so it seems anyway) who seems very professional and serious. Why I haven't done it before (cause I have been thinking about it for some time) I guess is I have not understood the system and could only find dance classes you o to when ever you want and pay per class, and also cause of the cost, but this one is very good and reasonable.
Gonna sign up when i get my pay, and have to talk to my managers at work, since I will be needing a permanent shift when the dance is hold.

Over and out

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dancing one of my biggest passions and interests in life.
I've been dancing all my life in all kinds of ways, classes, at home (lol), out clubbing, performances etc.

I started with ballet when I was 6 years old. I was so nervous the first time, and i never wore the actual ballet outfit until the last time when we had a performance. Don't know why, guess I didn't like it, so I just wore my normal clothes, lol.

A couple of years later I started with show dance, which I really enjoyed. Don't know how
long i kept that up, couple of years maybe. Had a couple o performances as well.

Then i turned to street dance. My favorite dance of all times. It's a cool dance with a lot of hard moves which I love.
As a girl, or woman, you feel and look sexy doing it (when right).

For fun me and a friend tried belly dancing, cause our friend's mother had lessons.
That is one sexy dance a s well, but not as hard as lets say street. But it's nice to be able to move your hips in a nice way, lol. I got kind of a loose hip hehe.

I so much want to get in o dancing again.
I feel so good when I'm dancing, but after a routine, steps and a choreography.
Always loved the way Britney Spears dances in her olden days, hehe, and I just love Pussycat dolls. Especially in the video Buttons.

Funny and offending, but so true

What I about to write might upset and offend people, but I just have to get it out of my chest and share my story.

The main people who comes in to my shop are, apart from British (who is not that many) is Asian people, Spanish, french and mix of Scandinavians.
From my experience they do come across all the same, which is quite funny.

Asian people are always so quiet, petite and the look so scared of you when you approach them. "Relax, I just want to help you".
When they do speak and asks for something, you can never make out what they are trying to say, cause of their accent. Sometimes I just want to shake them and say "Spit it out already!" Lol.

Spanish people never know a lot of English which can be really frustrated to me (same goes with Italians). I'm sorry, but if you are in a English talking country, learn some words!
It is now the biggest speaking language in the world ( I know Spanish is one of them to but still).
They talk to you in Spanish (or Italian) and expect you to understand, and always say Gracie or Grazia (or how ever you spell it) when they are finished.

French people are the same with the language (even worse). They are also very stuck up their nose and posh, and kind of arrogant (from my experience of friends and being in the country).

Scandinavian people (which I am) are coming across as kind of stupid to be honest.
I know in Sweden you learn English from a early age, but they don't understand you fully, and just look at each other like you are stupid. They seems so slow in the head when they walk in, haha.

Now this is just how I experience them, and I am not gonna say this is how they are (but I am almost lol).
Think it's kind of funny you can see how they will behave and how I have to change my appearance for each individual.

One of the worst, which is a mix with all people, are the ones who ignore you when you greet or approach them, and you know they can see and hear you.

Retail is hard people!

Thank you for listening.

Friday, 26 March 2010


So, whats new with you lot?
I'm in bed anyway reading trough some emails and watching youtube clips.
Tomorrow is Friday and I am starting late so will be getting a little sleep in =)

Can't wait for the weekend, when I'm going to clean the house, as it's my week, gonna finish my first session for my course and do my first test, and work on my "very secret" project, lol.

Last night me and Johanna went for some drinks where they have Happy hour on Wednesdays for girls =) Meaning to get 2 drinks for the price of 1! Happy happy! lol.
Very nice spending some time, and the bartender was very cute with his Scottish accent, mm me like.

Yes, after a couple of drinks it would get blurry for you to..

Have to sleep now.

Over and out


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Beauty treatments

A little quickie before I fall asleep.
So, today me and Johanna went for some spa treatments. I did manicure (extensions) and she did pedicure and manicure with nail polish. I am allergic to that so I skipped it. Came out beautiful anyway, might show you pictures later.
Then we went to do my eyebrows that seriously needed some tidying, right Johanna?
I did not want them to thin as I like kind it thick and bushy (bushy?) eyebrows, they just need to look neat. Since it was crap weather we did not feel like doing much else, so we just went to Argos and bought a micro, since our broke a while ago + some poundland and tesco shopping.

Later on we were gonna watch a movie, but we didn't really have anyone, so we ended swapping between Titanic, James Bond and CSI on Tv, and had some popcorn.
Ymmie yummie, I got some in my tummie!
Now I've spend over an hour talking to a friend on the phone, so I am very tired now.

Talk tomorrow

Over and out

Saturday, 20 March 2010

What's the name of the game?

Amanda Seyfried


What is up?

Good afternoon people!

Gonna head out for some spa treatments, that I've wanted to do for a while, like eyebrow threading and a waxing. Have to be fresh now the summer is getting near ;)

Haven't blogged in about a week, just been so tired and haven't been bothered, but now it's weekend I will.

Talk later.

Over and out

B*tch you're breakfast

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Change of F-ing plans

Well people people. Don't know what t say.
The plans were simple. We were all (almost) gonna head out, which we usually do on Sundays.
So why am I still sitting here on my bed, not fixed and not going out? Lol.
Well things change, deal with it. Not gonna discuss why, but that's how it is.

I actually found something more exiting and fun to do. I am watching Dragons Den on YouTube.
For the people who know, I am finding the entrepreneur business rather interesting. I guess I'm getting old, lol.
I want to learn more about that, as I am trying to get involved myself.

I have Sunday anxiety. Hate Sunday nights, almost more then the actual Monday, the reason you have Sunday anxiety in the first place.

Thinking right now if I should call a curtain Mr/Mrs X...

Nikki is on her way now any way and she feels bad to. Wish is was a bit more early so we could watch something. I am starting at 12am/pm, so it's nice to have a bit of a lay in, but horrible to finish late.

Any who...

Might see more of you tonight, or not.

Over and out

P.s. I ould har Nikki at the door. D.s.

The law of 4. Who is nr 67?

Good afternoon my fellow readers!
Omg, the movie last night I think was terrific. It actually involved one of my own nightmares coming true.

With out giving it all away, it's about 2 police officers who comes to the s.k Shutter Island island, where the most dangerous and hard cases of patience are kept.
Their mission is to find this patience who escaped from the very high secured building, who has a very sad story behind her.
The further they come in their hunt and the further you come in the movie, you start to wonder what is really real and what is just in your imagination, and what kind of secrets lay behind this whole world.
Towards the end it has this amazing turn that I cold never anticipate.
It really gets to your own brain, which might be to much to handle.

I think, if you are not to narrow-minded and you actually have to think twice with this one, it's one of the biggest masterpiece I've seen. It's not just the actual story and the lining that's terrific (even though I think so) it is How it's shoot and how it shows the audience the real deal, so to speak.

I'm having a really hard time explain and analyse this one, which I usually don't do with other movies, but I definitely think you should go see it.
Dicaprio, who stars is this one, is at his best.

Someone is missing!

But who are they really looking for?

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Finally, me and Nikki are now heading for the movies.
Just after about 6 hours wait.

Read this story!

This prisoner escapes after 15 years.
He breaks into a house to look for money and food, and finds a young couple in bed.
He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair and he ties the wife to the bed, and gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom.

While he's in there, the husband tells his wife: "Listen, this guy is an escaped prisoner, look at his clothes! He's probably spent lots of time in jail, and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck. If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain and do what he tells you. This guy is probably really dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you."

To which the wife responds, "He wasn't kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, and thought you were cute. He asked if we kept any Vaseline in the bathroom, so I told him where to find it. Be strong, darling. I love you, too."

Shutter Island

I've had this minor headache all day. It's not to bad but just annoying it wont go away. Not that I have tried, but still lol.
I've been cleaning and emptied my wardrobe and really thrown what I don't need or use, and now the room looks and feels bigger (if that is possible lol) with more space. Nice!

Not bad cleaned nah? Lol

Me and Nikki are going to the movies later and see Shutter Island. I just love going to the movies. Love watching movies in general but to be able to leave the house for a while feels better.

*whispering Do you dare?
6 billion people in the world.
6 billion souls.
But sometimes...

All you need is 1!

You are what you are (Beautiful) - Chistina Aguilera

Morning shopping

Good morning people! Or is that good afternoon? Well I just woke up at abut half 11. I went to bed at 5.20am to be exact. Hehe I always find something to do here.

I was supposed to meet my friend for lunch at 1pm, but would not make t, and I have a headache. But still have to, or want to, do some stuff. Like buy some material for my project, read about my animal course, buy a new cardigan for work, sign up for gym, do some naughty with Nikki, hehe. You up for it?

Yesterday morning before work, i browsed around the shopping site, like for the first time, and I found some nice stuff.
I love leggings and tights, and found some amazing sunglasses I consider order.

Here are my favorites:

Imagine this belt to a pair of dark jeans and a basic white vest top tucked in

I love leather, and these makes you bum look great lol.

Over and out


I got a star! *

What up peeps?

Just been meeting Nikki at Marks and Sparks after her visit to a friend (that did not go so well). Well well....

I am off this weekend, I am so exited and happy. I can finally sleep whiteout the alarm. Gonna sleep till i wake up, which is usually pretty early anyway. I hate sleeping long and the day just goes by and you haven't done anything.
This weekend I want to get a Brazilian wax. Never had, but know it's better then to shave. Better for the skin, you don't have to do is as often and it does not grow out all hard and a lot, lol. Ok moving on. Maybe I will tape it and put it on here (If you're lucky).

Which reminds me, I want do buy a camera as well.
Think I will meet my friend for lunch in town, who is actually working this weekend, and get a gym card.
Of curse do some naughty naughty with Nikki.

I was so tired to day at work I wanted to cry. I always get so tired and full after lunch, and I have no energy to work at all. Just walk around like a zombie. Started to laugh a lot though cause I was so tired, and I hurt my foot on top of it. I'm ok though.
I noticed on our board they put a star next to my name cause of my good customer service =) Happy!
I got a star at the same time I got in minor trouble for something I did that I am not gonna discuss, but something I didn't take seriously, but in retail world it is.

Any who...

O yeah, me and Nikki went to Leicester Square the other night and saw Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler for their movie premier, The bounty hunter. I love him, and she was so short was all I cold think about haha.

Man he's fine!

Over and out


Friday, 12 March 2010

Forgot to welcome Johanna home, after being away to Sweden for a while.

Missed you!


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Todays thoughts

"Is it possible that the company that you hate and trying to escape from, can actually be your source and influence to your own future?"
Hey, just got home a while ago and been doing lunch for tomorrow, and now I'm eating my favorite cookies and some coke zero, and watching Jim Carrey clips on you tube. I just love him, he's great.

Here's my favorites
He is just so spot on

People to remember


Jamie Bulger
*16 March 1990
+ 24 November 1993

Rhys Jones
* 27 September 1995
+22 August 2007

Peter Connelly, Baby P.
* 1 March 2006
+3 August 2007

Monday, 8 March 2010

The most touching story I've heard

Lately I've read in the newspaper about a boy, or now a man, called Jan Venables being taking to custody again (?) after already sentenced jail for a murder he committed about 17 years ago. I have now found out more facts and history about it all.
What I found out have become the most horrified and sick-to-the-stomach stories I've heard.
Here's the story briefly.

"James Patrick Bulger (born 16 March 1990), a two-year-old child from Kirkby, Merseyside, England, was abducted, tortured, and murdered in 1993.
The perpetrators were two 10-year-old boys, Jon Venables, (born 13 August 1982) and Robert Thompson (born 23 August 1982).
Bulger disappeared on 12 February 1993 from the New Strand Shopping Centre, Bootle, while accompanying his mother, and his mutilated body was found on a railway line in nearby Walton on 14 February. Thompson and Venables were charged on 20 February 1993 with the abduction and murder.
Venables and Thompson were found guilty of the murder of Bulger on 24 November 1993, making them the youngest convicted murderers in modern English history. They were sentenced to custody until they reached adulthood, initially until the age of 18, and were released on lifelong licence in June 2001. The case has prompted widespread debate on the issue of how to handle young offenders when they are sentenced or released from custody.

It is what they did that really shocked me:

"The boys took Bulger on a 2.5 miles (4.0 km) walk, leading him to a canal where he sustained injuries to his head and face.
Eventually the boys led Bulger to a railway line near the disused Walton & Anfield railway station, close to Walton Lane police station and Anfield Cemetery, where they attacked him.

Facts established at trial show that, at this location, one of the boys threw blue modeling paint on Bulger's face. They kicked him and hit him with bricks, stones and and 22-pound (10.0 kg) iron bar. They then placed batteries in his mouth. Bulger suffered skull fractures as a result of the iron bar striking his head. Alan Williams, the case's pathologist, speculated that Bulger suffered so many injuries that none could be isolated as the fatal blow.

Before they left him, the boys laid Bulger across the railway tracks and weighted his head down with rubble, in the hope that a train would hit him and make his death appear to be an accident. After Bulger's killers left the scene, his body was cut in half by a train.

Bulger's severed body was discovered two days later, on 14 February. A forensic pathologist testified that he had died before he was struck by the train ".

Face of an angel who's been taking from this planet

Faces of pure evil who sure does not belong on this planet

I have no comments!
My favorite time of the day is right now, after work when you get home and making something to eat and browsing around the net or watch some DVD.
It is so relaxing, just do what ever you want, and be able to block work out.
Second favorite time and place is at beak fast before work. Really need my time in the morning. Hate to rush and throw clothes, make-up on and breakfast in.
Other stuff I enjoy are the transport to and from work. Being at work is just not on the list! Lol.

Now I have to make lunch for tomorrow. Not so fun.
Then take a shower and put fake tan on. More fun

Over and out

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lazy Sundays

Now I'm just on bed getting ready for some sleep, but I am still alive, for all of you who wonders lol.

Last night was just ok. I mean I had better nights, but it wasn't boring or bad. Some parts were fun and god and some not, so...

It started at Sanderson with some pre drinks where Nikki had some people she knew. Then headed to Embassy where they had a table. Now, it was in the VIP, but I had more fun when Nikki and hit he big dance floor which was packed with people. Think I was to drunk to realise or be bothered. They had these fog (?) machine so you sometimes couldn't see your own hand (if that makes sense?) Loved it!
Embassy closed and we headed to Mayfair club, which is open till 6am.
Surprisingly I was not to tired yet as I usually are at that time. I kept on dancing, even though my feet were hurting (that day I had bought new pair of thigh high boots, which were kind of expensive, but so gorgeous).
Eventually I got tired and me and Nikki headed home for the bus, where I fell asleep.
We went to bed t about 6.30am. I haven't been out that long for along time. Now I know why. I hate the people you meet out.

To day I slept till 1pm. Hate when that happens, and other reason not to go out.
Nikki and I hit the park we have a couple of min away where we ate some burgers we bought. On lazy Sundays and day after you are allowed to eat what ever you want and do nothing.
Don't know what was going on but there were a lot of youngsters out drinking and drunk. It was 4-5pm! And was apparently some car crash Nikki and I saw.... Don't know.

Done nothing more really. Have eaten a crisp bag and some chocolate, and now I am really tired so gonna hit the sleep now.

"My boots, my boots, my boots are Ok"

Over and out


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Something important to me!

I'm sure most of you have heard or read about the news were a trainer at Sea World got killed by a killer whale.
My mum called me and old me the news (mostly cause I like them whales, and we've been there about 10 years ago), and to be honest my first reaction wasn't "O no, what a tragedy".
No it was "Well I'm not surprised".
It might sound harsh and weird and un human or what ever, but when it comes to human vs. any animal, I am rarely on the human side.
I'm sorry, but what do they expect, didn't they see this coming, eventually?
The attacks has happened before.
Now what I am getting more upset about is that they thinking about to put the 30-year old whale down! I don't understand.

Same thing with pit bull dogs, or fighting dogs some call it. Society, the police or whom ever is doing it, always puts a dog to sleep after it attacks or bites someone.
What people don't seem to understand, is that it is us humans who push and force the animal to behave in a curtain way, in this matter to fight other dogs and be aggressive. They think the best solution is to kill them, or make some breeds illegal. You can train any dog to be aggressive and fight, has nothing to do with the breed.
Of course maybe some dogs are easier to train, but I think it's not the dog or the animal you should get rid of.
It is the human!

"A picture says more then a thousand words. This is not what you should be doing. You should watch an enjoy them in their natural environment"

Here is a link to one of the sites you can read this on.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

A little story

Imagine you are always cold, extremely sometimes, it is just the environment and temp you are working in. If you don't want to be cold you should dress with layers and layers, till you barely can move, or it's getting ridiculous.
Because you are so cold, you have no energy or power to actually do your task. You just sand there and let the hours go.

The only time you can get somehow warmed up is at lunchtime, were there is so small you can't fit more then 3 people to eat, were the air is... well no air.
You get 1 hour lunch in one go. Before that you have to keep it up for 4-5, sometimes 6 hours, and after lunch 4 more hours straight.

At the same time with all that is bad already, you always have some1 berating and watching your back.
All the hardwork you are putting down, you don't get a lot for or back.

Welcome to my workplace!

Ave Maria - Beyonce

Good night London!

I think I was to little to realise what really happened in Disney's Bambi.

I was watching this clip and song, and it really made me sad =(
I am very sensitive that way. No wonder I have a thing for animals.

Here it is anyway.

Goodnight my Angel - Bambi

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I'm a bit cheesy. Love it!

The Lion king - I can't help falling in love with you

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Omg, this video is one of the most funniest I have ever seen. Please look and listen to the lyrics.

Barbra Streisand I'm Five/Sweet Zoo

"... and I walked out on them, right across the street. I'm allowed!"

Monday, 1 March 2010

"Love my header even more now I've learned how to use my tools more :)"
Just had a shower and a face mask on. Nice. Rally needed it after last night and today. I was so tired this morning when I was headed for work, thought I would be sick to =( lol.

Work was work. Aw I can't wait to start something new. I have been giving an other position with different hours, which is really early, and I don't really mind that but it's gonna be less hours, plus last night at Boujis, I was offered a position there with them. I have always wanted o work in nightclubs so I am very exited about that, which would be 3 nights a week, but don' know how I can manage with the early hours. I either get a few hours sleep or even go straight =/

Any who... have to think abt that. I don' mind working hard and often, but it would be nice to get a lot back $$.
Meet Nikki on the way home and I bought a hamburger as a small hung over snack lol.

Over and out