Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Sonja Alden - "För att du finns" and "Du får inte"

(Swedish singer with a beautiful song and beautiful voice)


OMG 2day was freezing at work. Pretty much as cold as it was outside.

We have our doors always open and our air condition doesn't always work properly. My hands and fingers were nomb and felt I could have broken them if I would hit them at something, or my feet felt like they would break when I was running down the stairs.

At the same time our managers tells us we can't call in sick cause it's not fair, cause they can't!! Whats that about?

Let mke tell you something, I have not called in sick, or been absent for that matter, for the entire time I have work there. or one single day. Which is over a year now. I started of as a Christmas temp last year hehe.

Me at work 2day
Over and out

Monday, 14 December 2009


Halo - Bethany Joy Galeotti


Sitting right now (thinking of you) with a glass of Baylies and watching some Girls next door (Playboy) on YouTube. Its really entertaining.
These are the times I love the best. When you get home from work and just watch something on your computer (if the Internet works of course) and eat good.

I just love this picture of me and Johanna on a night out in a car heading to an after party.

I look to cool for school, and Johanna looks like she's in a commercial.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Jay Sean ft Lil' Wayne - Down

A bit cheesy but I like the song


Hey what up peeps?

Sitting in my bed now, doing nothing and everything.
The weekend's been kind of good, but gone to fast as always.

Btw, my keyboard is driving me crazy. Sometimes some letters aren't written if your not pressing really hard. But I like hard so it fine Lol!

Friday we went to Cafe de Paris cause of Nikki's birthday.
Yesterday I went to see a friend for a quicky haha.
Then Johanna needed me, or she needed my money actually, so she could buy a TV that I helped her carry home.

Last night I had the biggest laugh of my entire life. Was watching some videos from when we were out a while ago. I cried sooo much. Then I had a fight with Johanna, were she tried to hold and tickle me.
Think I will live for a very long time as much as I laugh.

I actually injured my hand, or wrist, at work cause of the way im moving, so I have now bought a bandage. It actually hurts even if I don't move it.. huh...

Any who...

What to write....?

Will get back to you "all" if something crosses my mind.

Btw I will be all alone2 night cause they are all going out, but I start at 9am 2mrrw so don't feel like it.
What will I do? I want to go to the movies.

Over and out

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Got back from work a while ago, finised 10pm 2day =( Loong day, and start early at 9am 2mrrw. We can do it!
Laying in bed now and think im gonna listen to that lullaby song. I just love it.

When me and the girls went to WinterWonerland in Hyde Park. Was so much fun. I really needed that =)

Over and out

Monday, 7 December 2009


Sean Kingston - Face drop

"You said I looked better if I was thinner, don't you know you should love me for my inner?"


I have nothing interested going on in my life right now, ergo no writing.

Over and out


What what (in the butt) - Samwell

Omg Hilarious

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Good morning London

Lele - Breakfast

I am o lazy and have o much to get out to write anything any more, prefer to upload some good, funny, appropriate, inappropriate, in the mood tunes.

Over and out


Good night London


Tuesday, 1 December 2009